FIFA 17 Coins From the "BBC" "Sky Sports" "Daily Mail" and a number of British media sources said Chelsea striker Kosta suspected injury problems because of differences with the medical team, it is reported that Costa even have a quarrel with the team fitness coach , And he was not the team included in the current round of league squad.

FUT 17 Coins It is reported that Costa I think his recent back injury problems and previous leg injury is not fully recovered have a certain contact.
As a result of Costa's leg history of injury problems, in order to avoid the season and then out of the situation, the club medical team to arrange for additional training methods and preventive measures, but Costa side that the recent back injury and medical group treatment improper There is a certain correlation.
For Costa's accusations, the blue medical team members said they do not endorsement, the medical team that Costa's back injury and leg injury has nothing to do, is not caused by their approach, the two sides have differences, "Daily Mail Reported that "Blanco coach Conti's attitude is to support their own medical team, and even so with the Conti Kosta had a quarrel.
"Sky Sports," the news is that the Costa side and the team's fitness coach Toss had a quarrel on the issue, Costa even so absent for nearly three days of training the team, and he failed to enter the team against The list of Leicester City, "Sky Sports" at the same time that Costa received the Super League team offer is one of the reasons he lost the list.
In addition, the "BBC" is revealed to have a super team to 30 million pounds annual salary offer Costa, but the "BBC" also said that the blue President Abramovich no intention to sell Costa buy now.