fifa coins buy this year to switch to the frost 3 engine, abandoned before specially developed Ignite the engine for the sports games. Frost before the engine is only used for shooting game, but in recent years EA racing and RPG games were also adopted the frost engine, so the sports game with frost engine is something sooner or later. So for the first time using the frost FIFA 17 on the graphics engine, previous game FIFA 16 if you have any progress?

Foreign contrast the video is the first fifa 17 coins for sale shots and FIFA 16 over here similar screenshots. Obviously the FIFA 17 pictures better. This progress is all aspects, not only more bright, model and characters, facial details and material details have a lot of ascension.

Additional frost engine optimization very awesome, illumination system is its strengths, fifa coins online looks more bright than before. FIFA 17 will go on sale at the end of September, before the 2017 is Konami live football. It is worth mentioning that the live support mandarin and cantonese pronunciation, at least at home, should be welcomed by many players.