Three first class team from Fifa Coins Europe, the Americas will be held in four games with the Chinese national team, for the fans offer a high standard of international fifa coins for sale.

"China Cup" is located in China's first official international football match, was approved by the FIFA International Football A-class tournament, the participating team obtained official FIFA points. As the host country, China national team automatically qualify, get valuable training opportunities to improve in the fut 17 coins buy.

Especially the Chinese fans no door, no jet lag at home can enjoy the world's top level of national team competitions. fifa 17 ut coins will be held every year, the first four matches of the national team, after gradually increased to eight national teams. In addition to the host Chinese team, the remaining teams were invited world ranking of national A team, participating players are active players.

Since the first "China Cup" coincides with the Chinese national team is the impact of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, to help the Chinese team for the current "China Cup" specially invited three Asian rivals with similar style, a higher level of national team . From the beginning of 2018, "China Cup" will be invited to Europe, America's top national team, a group of Chinese fans are familiar with international superstar is expected to appear on the "China Cup" stadium.